Full weekend of horsepower

Posted: 04/02/2012 in Cars

Last weekend I was in Brno with my girlfriend. Saturday night we were in Restaurat “Zelene dvere”. There is very good ratio between price and quality. Both of us had honey roasted ribs. Very delicious food. I recommend you.

On Sunday morning I was invited to company event in Hosek motor. This company sells Mercedes cars. And this Sunday had promo event of the strongest cars which Mercedes make. AMG models, Brabus, Carlsson…

I dont think all of these cars have been in one place at once before. Ten cars and more then one million euros.

Unfortunately, maybe fortunately I couldn’t drive these cars. But drivers drove very fast! It was very amazing experience! I felt like in a paradise. Ten cars of dreams (not my, but… ) and I could try all of it. Maximum speed was over 200 km/h in winding county roads. My stomach was like in roller coaster. Now, I can delete another line… 🙂

So, my personal TOP 3 chart of all cars which I could try:

1.            Mercedes E65 AMG

2.            Mercedes SLS AMG

3.            SL 600 Brabus

What I can say… It was very incredible day of normal man with abnormal cars  J

God bless german capitalism!

BTW: Mercedes SLS AMG has owned for example Jay Leno, Eddie Murphy, Boris Becker and many many others…

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