Ypres rally 2013, Belgium

Posted: 07/11/2013 in Cars

On the last Friday of I was thinking what I will do over the weekend. Weather in Köln (Cologne) was quite bad, so there was nothing to do. But later at the evening I found out that Ypres rally is in Belgium this weekend. When I found out that Ypres is from Köln only 350 km the plan was clear.


I went on Saturday morning. Travel was pretty long because Belgium has speed limit only 120 km/h. Around 11:00 I was at my destination on the special stage (SS). Fortunately just in time. I bought A 10 € ticket for one stage and I quickly went to the start of SS.  There was already a Ford Fiesta of new group R5 which should be the replacement for S2000 category cars. Car with nice body-kit and nice engine noise. Driver of this car was young talented Thierry Neuville. One of the best rally drivers in the world. Kris Meek (also a very good driver and my favorite) stood behind Thierry also with R5 car. But in this case with Peugeot 208. Both cars went beyond classification, because this new category didn’t have homologation. Later during the evening I went to the French cemetery from WW1. A very emotional experience for me. You can see there thousands of gravestones and every gravestone has A name. This is something what always has remind us that war is the wrong option…

Other fragments:
I saw a couple of people who threw away waste in the nature! I thought that the western world is different. I thought that western people don’t destroy nature. This was a bad surprise for me. Someone also threw a cup onto the grass, someone else threw a plastic bottle into the forest. And most interesting was that they didn’t try to hide it! It looked like it was normal for them!

Historical cars are a huge show! Watching historical cars were more interesting for me than watching modern cars.  Historical cars are better in almost every way! Especially noise and ability to go sideways. I love historical cars!


Overall score is one for the rally and five for people without a conscience 🙂


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