Driving routes: „Jankóv Vršok“ + HD video

Posted: 01/12/2014 in Driving routes
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Every petrolhead usually has some favourite route where you can extinguish driving “cold turkey” driving. And because I don’t like stereotypes and I like exploring new things I made a decision to create a new category in my blog: “Driving routes”.
In this category I would like to share a nice route suitable for something like street racing which I will explore. Today it will be about the Slovakian route Jankóv Vršok.


This route is interesting for a lot of reasons , but mainly for the official hill climb racing which run there for 20 years. Another reason is that the route is ended by a partisan memorial not by a village or city! It means that there is little traffic. I was there on Friday during the Christmas holiday and there were only a couple of cars, but it was because of the holidays and some people wanted to climb the hill to see the nice view. I guess that it is normally a very quiet route.


Length: 3,7 km
elevation of 250 m
Surface: Very smooth and wide asphalt, also good for drifting


Driving moments:


Whole track:


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