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In one day there were two very good events in Brno and I couldn’t miss them!

In the morning I visited Mercedes “doors open”. Anyone could drive almost every car which Mercedes offers. I chose the Mercedes A25 Brabus and the new Mercedes C-klasse. I also was a copilot in Mercedes ML at aquarry near Brno, but this experience was boring…

Mercedes A25 Brabus

245 horses may seem to be enough, but I can tell you that it is not. The power is let say blunt. Ok, you have a fast car, but you don’t have anything special. And the price of this car is the last straw. 52 000€. Yes, you read properly.  52 000 euros for a small car with some wings, rails and big wheels. There is noise coming from the exhaust. Not from the engine (It is 4 cylinder engine with turbo).  I really don’t know which man will buy this car. For me it is very hard to find anything good in this car. Yes, the design is beautiful and maybe 7 speed transmission with two clutches also works well. And that is it. No more positives from my side. Sorry Mr. Brabus…

I figured it out. This car should be called Mercedes A25 Chihuahua, because this Brabus is also beautiful and fashionable like the dog, but the Chihuahua is not the right dog owned by the right men…

Mercedes A25 Brabus

Mercedes A25 Brabus


Mercedes C-klasse 220 CDI

Next car which I drove was the new Mercedes C-klasse with a four-cylinder diesel engine. Also a totally boring car. Airmatic was good, but Friends Citroen C5 hydroactive has similar properties for half the price. A good feature is the “traffic watcher in blind spot”. If any car is in the blind spot on the minors you will see red light. Yes, but Volvo had this feature ten years ago.

Hošek Motor also had the new Mercedes S-klasse there, but the sales man told me that this car is just for exposition not for driving. I was so looking forward to a drive with this car. I read and saw a lot of great reviews about this car, but I have to wait for another opportunity…

Evalution is: If you are petrolhead get away from the A25 Brabus and standard C-klasse Mercedes and go for AMG! Because if I can compare this action with previous AMG action, AMG was much much better.

In the afternoon I visited a nice expository Classic show Brno 2014

Mercedes 300 sl “gullwing”, Mercedes SLS

Mercedes 300 sl “gullwing”, Mercedes SLS


Two interesting stories which I got there:

1)            If you are talented and you can paint you can make 5 000€ per month. Good for Czech markets, isn’t it?

2)            If you are talented and you can take pictures you can have 750 000€ for one photo. Good for Czech markets, isn’t it?

And because pictures are more than a hundred words. Here you are:


Although I am home from Germany I still have enough experiences to share. Today it will be about one secret garage in Germany. This garage is interesting because inside is a nice collection which contains old (and expensive) cars. There are many of them. I don’t know if these cars have just one owner or if there are more, but I can tell you just one thing. If you owed three most expensive cars from this collection you wouldn’t work for your rest of life!

I walked around these cars every day and I hoped that I will meet the owner. I would have a lot of questions. But unfortunately I didn’t meet him. The reason why I didn’t meet him is because these cars sleep. They are waiting for a bigger price. I think that this collection is something like investing in gold. The price of old cars can be only higher and higher.

If you have money to invest and a place for parking, just buy an old car with the assumption of rising prices. For example Fiat Coupe 20VT, Renault Clio V6, Lancia Thema 8.32 (with a Ferrari engine) and after that you have to wait.  After 30 years you will not have to worry about any extra money for your pension or if the state takes care of you.  But I know how it will end in my case. I would eat dry rice at in a ruined building with a view of my milion dollar Renault Clio V6…

1-DSC02364(Lamborghini 400 gt, V12, 0-100 km/h 6.6 sec., only 247 in the world)

1-DSC00086(Alfa Romeo SZ, only 1026 in the world)

Výběr(Maserati 3500, only 2225 in the world)


Whole gallery (more than 60 cars) you can check here: